Yesterday is today

This is a poem I wrote after a very large snowstorm the other day. I live in the mountains of California, and we have been getting massive storm after massive storm. I remember looking out of my window and being struck by the idea of a physical reminder of the prior day – in this instance snow on the pine and fir trees. At least 24 inches of snow was on the ground and was also in the trees. I was taken by how yesterday could remain so apparent and present. I also happened to go on a walk later that afternoon and noticed the clumps snow falling from the trees and separating into individual flakes. It seemed like a ballet. It couldn’t really be documented by video or picture. Those mediums just couldn’t do it justice. So, I thought, let’s write a poem. I hope you enjoy Yesterday is today.

Yesterday is today

Mid morning after
the storm, day light’s stuck
above and below the hill
overlooking an old
broken down toy store
that used to be uptown
There are white
clumps suspended
and supported by pine
holding onto the blanched
scene of yesterday
Now yesterday is today
resting as it should be
on evergreen
pressed together but apart
When the sun breaks, they are waiting
Waiting alone
for the dance at the take off
to start, to fall
like baker’s flour

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