No Shade

This is a poem I wrote about a short little adventure I took this past weekend. I’m still very much getting used to my new area of the world. If you’ve seen my previous posts, you know I recently moved to the San Bernardino Mountains in California. I was recently driving down the mountain on the desert route. I noticed a flatter area with some unique pine trees right off the road. It also had an interesting rock formation in the middle. I noticed a parking area and decided to go back the next day when I had time for a hike. I saw some bluebirds, the western version, for the first time. I have lived on the east coast most of my life, and Eastern bluebirds are my favorite birds there. So, it was a nostalgic moment for me. I wanted to have a memory of the moment that included the feeling of that scene. I thought, hey, I can write poem to do that. I hope you enjoy my poem – No Shade.

No Shade

Even though, in spite of the sun
there is shade
There is no escape
for the bluebird
digging in the old
sage patches by the edge of the road
And no shade cooler
than five hours’ pecked
soil, pinecone sap dry

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