Sky Blue

This is a poem that took shape over the course of two weeks. I took some time away from writing/creating recently when I visited my old home of San Diego. There were little lines and ideas that popped into my head or my life from time to time during that trip. I made a note of them but didn’t explore them further until the past few days. Maybe I just needed a mental break? But one line played over and over in my head: “Sky is still, emptied sky blue. One cloud. Not grey. Not storied”. It just kept repeating and cycling. I felt it described San Diego, its feel, better than anything I’ve written before. So I expanded the world and its characters. I hope you enjoy my poem: Sky Blue.

Sky Blue

Sky is still, emptied
sky blue
One cloud
not grey
not storied
Young hawk and kin, like sky
only contrasting color tone
Waiting, hidden amber
against bark and green
About to part
for the first time
for the last time
When the rain
passes north
wind shakes
southern underbrush
Shifting seed, how strange
to find
a yellow flower
on the edge of the
iced packed
snow this year
Old hawk perched, calculating
the placement of its wings
towards sky, weightless
‘Cause it knows
the melt to bring water
to feed flower
to feed seed
So it is
that the water is why
we all live and come to admire
and come to yearn
In its lacking
In its suffering
and the absence it causes
Ground is still, cold packed
grain brown
A few acorns
in the patches
between the shade

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